The 15 hottest TV shows of 2018: From sci-fi reboot 'Lost in Space' to Marvel's 'Cloak & Dagger'

The 15 hottest TV shows of 2018: From sci-fi reboot 'Lost in Space' to Marvel's 'Cloak & Dagger'
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If you believe all the excitement and action goes down only at the big screens, you might want to think again. Simply put, the small screen is sizzling all year around with quality television taking over our "must-watch-lists." Why flock to the theaters, when from the comfort of the couch, it is possible to binge on engaging dramas, gripping thrillers, and rebooted versions of fan-favorite sci-fi TV shows?

So much so that, the entire plethora of superhero universe is also making a move towards television. On one hand, streaming services like Netflix has continued to reign supreme with its catalog of comics adaptations (read 'Luke Cage,' 'The Punisher' and so on) and on the other hand, younger and newer Marvel stories - a certain 'Cloak & Dagger' - is taking shape over at Freeform. 

Hand in hand, quality content and entertainment value together, have helped us compile this ultimate line-up of 2018's fifteen hottest TV shows - a list worth bookmarking, lest you miss out.

1. 'Everything Sucks' - Netflix

Riding high on the '90s nostalgia, back in February, streaming giant Netflix treated viewers to the high school dramedy, 'Everything Sucks', which in more ways than not reminded people of a certain Loser Club (from the thriller, 'IT') or the fellow fab 5 from 'Stranger Things'. The premise of the show is pretty simple - a quiet town of Boring, a bunch of high-school misfits, one will they/won't they couple, and Kate Messner (starring Peyton Kennedy) who is a sophomore coming to terms with her sexuality. 


It's no easy task being the one who stands out in high-school, and even more cumbersome when the topic is as personal as sexuality. Treading along the lines of LGBTQ issues, the show explored serious characters and storyline through the eyes of teens. Unfortunately, just after one season, Netflix canceled this show - even more reasons to binge-watch and join the ongoing campaign to bring back 'Everything Sucks.'

2. 'Killing Eve' - BBC

A show touted as Sandra Oh's breakout role after spending 10 years on Shonda Rhimes medical drama 'Grey's Anatomy' as Dr. Cristina Yang, 'Killing Eve' has made it to this list for reasons more than just Oh. Of course, the actress' portrayal of a bored MI5 agent Eve is one to watch out for, but what makes the psychopathic-assassin-meets-cop-thriller more exciting is the villainy of Villanelle (played by Jodie Comer). 

As this brilliant combination engages in a game of hunt and chase, they risk nothing, and they will stop at nothing. It's one stylish spy-thriller worth watching.