Idaho massacre: Does Moscow PD have funds to continue investigation? City mayor answers BURNING questions

Idaho massacre: Does Moscow PD have funds to continue investigation? City mayor answers BURNING questions
Moscow mayor says they are yet to receive the grant from Idaho Governor Brad Little to support the Idaho murder investigation (Brad Little/Mayor's website of City of Idaho, Fox News/Youtube Screenshot)

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: As the investigation into the four University of Idaho students' murders continues, several reports are now claiming that the investigation may not have sufficient funds to pursue the case in the near future. Last month, Idaho Governor Brad Little had announced a $1 million state funding commitment to support the investigation in Moscow. However, according to a local official, even though the city urgently needs the funds, it has not yet arrived yet. 

Moscow Mayor Art Bettge told the Idaho Statesman in a recent interview, “The budgetary impact is definitely present. We’ve had to reorient a lot of city departments to support the police department.” Bettge said that as taxpayer-funded expenses have continued to climb, they are welcoming any assistance from the governor's office to pay for the extensive investigation, which involves the Moscow Police Department, Idaho State Police, and FBI. 



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In a letter to Little, according to Bettge, he asked for around $200,000 to cover costs for police overtime, lab tests, and other expenses the city incurred as a result of the killings, including money for the hiring communication specialists. According to him, the probe has so far cost the city roughly $250,000. This presents a problem because according to the Mayor the city only brings in less than $7 million in property tax income yearly. “We do not have much budgetary ‘freeboard’ and run a very lean operation here,” he remarked. 

Despite receiving the city's request and following up with city employees, the governor's office has not yet given "a final determination on any reimbursement," according to Bettge. According to Bettge as of Wednesday, December 14, the city had "heard nothing from the governor's office about any monetary follow-through." Bettge expects that a sizable portion of the governor's fund to be given to the Idaho State Police, who have provided a good amount of assistance, including gathering evidence from the crime scene and enhancing security at the institution.

In the early hours of November 13, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20, were murdered in their rental house close to the university. The case has remained a mystery for almost a month, and neither the police nor the FBI has any solid leads, including a motive for the brutal stabbings. Bettge also predicts that while the homicide probe continues on, expenditures for local taxpayers will rise. “You have to think about the future. I’m hoping the governor will follow through with his promise to help out because, for a small city with limited budgetary means, this has a major impact on city government,” the mayor remarked.