The 10 hottest footballers at NFL 2018: Get ready to start drooling

The 10 hottest footballers at NFL 2018: Get ready to start drooling

We're all set for the upcoming NFL on September 6, but there's so much more to watch out for on the field. Seriously, drop-dead gorgeous men make up the NFL and here's the list for the top 10 athletes to look forward to, whether football is your thing or not.

Tom Brady


Quarterback for the New England Patriots

Status: Married 

He's always winning. Not just referring to his five Super Bowl rings to his name but also when it comes to his undeniable good looks. Always looking sharp with and without his uniform, the iconic athlete stole hearts from corners of the world by being a doting father of two and a loving husband to supermodel Gisele Bundchen. The 6'4'' soccer player has also scored ample modeling contracts and was the face of Stetson cologne in 2007. According to Forbes, he earned about $7 million from endorsements alone in 2014, thanks to his prolific status, as an athlete as well as a bankable model. 


Jimmy Garoppolo


Quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers

Status: In a Relationship

The latest news has it that Garoppolo is the next Tom Brady. The 26-year-old handsome hunk has a long career ahead of him, and that alone is enough to make him all the more desirable. Brady's successor in stature, Garoppolo was and is the fancy of many but since February, he's linked to a Boston model, Alexandra King. The 6'2'' toned and chiseled young man has been noted for his George Clooney-"ish" smile and we are still melting.