'Sickening': Internet argues over Idaho survivor Dylan Mortensen's old pic with 'suspicious' black truck

'Sickening': Internet argues over Idaho survivor Dylan Mortensen's old pic with 'suspicious' black truck
Dylan Mortensen's old pic showed a black truck in the background (Dylan Mortensen/Kaylee Goncalves/Instagram)

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: Web sleuths have been relentlessly making allegations and positing theories since the initial stages of the investigation into the quadruple murders at the University of Idaho. In the latest, they have raised questions about an old pic of Dylan Mortensen, one of the two survivors. The pic shows a "suspicious" black truck in the background, allegedly similar to the one reportedly spotted in the CCTV footage from the fatal night. One user wrote on Twitter, “I wonder if police looked into this truck that drove by on their body cam video at 3 am the same night as the murders? Also, Dylan (1 of the roommates who survived) is pictured with a similar-looking truck.” 

In the post, Dylan was seen standing with a black truck beside her. A similar-looking truck was allegedly seen passing through in the CCTV footage from the night. Someone wrote on Twitter, “Not saying she is with the truck or involved, it’s just a similar truck in the picture she’s in. Also would be good to know who was in that truck and if they seen anything as they’re in the near area around that time!” “Yeah, I think they are connected. The truck and white car crossed paths that night,” another added. 



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However, many argued against falsely accusing someone on such flimsy grounds, as one person wrote, “So sickening that all you wannabe Perry Mason’s will name and picture kids. What if this was your kid? Just stop it. I guarantee the police are a lot smarter than you.” “Yall want Dylan to be guilty of something so bad,” another added. “Keep in mind, FBI, state and local LE are keeping all info close to their chest. No leaks will strengthen their case. They have a lot more info than the public thinks,” another remarked.