'This is animal abuse!' 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham slammed for dyeing her dogs pink and blue

'This is animal abuse!' 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham slammed for dyeing her dogs pink and blue
Farrah Abraham was slammed for dyeing her pet dogs (Insatgram/@farrahabraham)

AUSTIN, TEXAS: 'Teen Mom' alum Farrah Abraham was once in the spotlight because of her canine friends. The Blast reports that Abraham uploaded a now-deleted video of her with her dogs on Instagram. The TV personality showed off the new hair colors of her fur babies. One was dyed purple and the other blue.

Abraham captioned the clip, "Check out Billionaire's haircut and Cupcake's hair too." Furthermore, she made it clear to her fans that her pets were handled with care. "The dogs have better haircare and haircuts than adults do now. It’s amazing," wrote Abraham. Even though Abraham was in a fun mood, it seemed fans were not much delighted seeing the 'Teen Mom' alum show off her newly dyed pets. 



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Abraham was once again heavily slammed on the internet. Seeing Abraham's beloved pooches dyed in purple and blue color, fans took to the Reddit thread to accuse her of mistreating her dogs. The now-deleted post was shared on social media by one of the fans saying, "Um Farrah dyed her dogs again." A fan replied in the thread, "I’m sorry I don’t think fur-dying dogs are cute at all… put a little sweater or shirt on them, sure! Take them to the groomer to get their fur trimmed up nicely, do it up! Dying a dog… like whyyyyyy though?" Another wrote, "Are you f**king kidding me." "She’s never satisfied with anything. Always gotta f**k with shit to make it 'better.' She’s not natural so why would anything else under her control be," slammed another fan. Another fan said, “This is animal abuse!!!”