Vancouver homeowner guns down burglar who broke in through second-floor bedroom window

Vancouver homeowner guns down burglar who broke in through second-floor bedroom window
The alleged criminal entered the house via a second-floor window (KGW8/ video screenshot)

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON: A suspected burglar was gunned down by a homeowner after he broke into the house via the second-floor window. The incident reportedly happened on Thursday, December 15, at a resident on NE 157th Court. The names of the alleged intruder and the homeowner have not been released.

As per reports, on the night of December 15, cops were called to a house on NE 157th Court for alleged housebreaking but by the time they reached, the suspect was already dead. The Vancouver Police Department issued a statement following the incident and said that “it appears that they [the deceased man] used a vehicle to boost themselves up onto the second story and then broke in through the window of what appears to be a bedroom of the home.”



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A spokesperson for Vancouver police, Kim Kapp, also told KGW-TV that when the break-in happened the man, who killed the accused, and his spouse was present at the house. The man went on to tackle the suspect before things escalated and the latter one died. No children were believed to be at home when the shooting happened.

Kapp stated that the case is under VPD's Major Crimes Unit, who are now probing and trying to find the burglar’s identity as well as if he had any weapon with him. Also, reports revealed that no prior connection between the homeowner and the suspect has been found yet. The spokesperson, however, failed to clarify if the resident will face any charges for killing the suspect.

Kapp added, “I don't know. I mean ... definitely something that is not uncommon when people are entering people's homes. But I don't have the details on anything further on the investigation, and we're in the very early stages of that.”

Meanwhile, the case has attracted attention online with a user saying, “2022 seems to be the year of FAFO. Good.” Another user wrote, “Feel good story of the day.” The third user stated, “It doesn't matter if intruder is armed. If they're coming in without being invited, I'm gonna consider myself in danger and it will be handled accordingly.” The fourth user said, “They don't know if any charges will be filed against the homeowner? Someone breaks into your house he is a potential threat to your life. It is our right to protect life and property. I have a .357 Glock by my bed. Good luck to any intruder.”