Will chef Rachel Hargrove return for Season 11? 'Below Deck' star claims to 'hate the show'

Will chef Rachel Hargrove return for Season 11? 'Below Deck' star claims to 'hate the show'
'Below Deck' Season 10 chef Rachel Hargrove (Bravo)

RODNEY BAY, SAINT LUCIA: It didn't take long for chef Rachel Hargrove to become fans' favorite on 'Below Deck' Season 10. But to reach fame in such a short time, she had to face a lot of hardship. Well, it seems that the departure of these cast members from the show has come close.

There has been a tiff between Hargrove and Bravo for a long time now. Earlier this year, the chef of the show took it to Twitter to announce that she will no longer be in touch with the organization. "I will no longer be associated with organizations I don't believe in.. #belowdeck #bravoco #wwhl #ANTM anyone else wants to piss me off this week? Let's f**king go...." tweeted Hargrove. This tweet came up after she trashed Austen Kroll. She further took to Reddit to slam the show and to inform her fans and viewers that she might not return for the next season.



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Will Rachel Hargrove leave 'Below Deck' from next season?

After bashing Kroll on social media, Hargrove took to Reddit to slam the show, months before Season 10 premiered. Screenrant reports Rachel claiming, "I hate the show... I've always felt that way since before I filmed season 8. It's just time for me to tell them to get the F**k off my back and stop treating us the way they do. Eddie did it, and now I did it." Furthermore, Hargrove pointed out Eddie Lucas' saying that 'Below Deck' treats its cast members badly.